The Journey of Wine

Our latest label design has a special story, just like the winery it represents. A humble, elegant and well-crafted design introduces this one man show from the picturesque Moravian village of Čejč.

Petr Hloušek approached Cocoon for help with capturing his own unique style of winemaking on a label - a style with a highly personal, honest and original approach. Wines made his way. Born in the Moravian region where wine runs in people's veins, he discovered his path the day he first held winemaking tools. Not being satisfied with mere destiny, he decided to relocate to New Zealand where he spent several seasons working hard on vineyards, collecting knowledge and inspiration, and shaping his own vision of how his wines would one day taste. This journey of "small boy meets the big wine world" (using his own words) was the main inspiration for Cocoon's designers.

When we say designers, we certainly mean in plural. This project was special, as it was a journey for us, too. All the talented designers of Cocoon got a chance to participate anonymously in a blind competition. The best works were selected by a jury assembled from inhouse and external jurors (thank you!). Making a decision was not easy, but the finalist was chosen according to the tastes of both the jury and Petr Hloušek himself.

The winery’s name was also open for creative suggestions. Based on his backstory, we agreed to stay true to the winemaker's signature and keep a simple name "According to Hloušek". The logo is clean and unpretentious, and uses fine typography with only a single line connecting the logo with the type of wine. The original illustration depicts a "little prince" on his way to the other side of the giant wine world. Hand-crafted lettering spells out a personal quote from Petr Hloušek about the way he views his wines. The remaining typography is minimal and chosen for perfection. Colors are elegant, wine-relevant and tempting. The overall look delivers a modest yet premium feeling, as these wines are exclusive and made only in small batches. And a sweet idea seals up the whole label’s look: a perforation stripe on top mimics the look and feel of a postage stamp, sent with the original image and message from the journey of the winemaker.

Needless to say, numerous beautiful designs were created in the studio for this brand. But only one can be the winner. We believe that Petr will achieve his own dream of award-winning wines in no time. Because as insiders say, wines are beautiful.

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