The Home of Becherovka

Meet the visual identity of the very place which holds and tells the story of the one-of-a-kind Becherovka.

The beautiful city of Karlovy Vary is not only famous for its architecture, mineral springs and film festival, it is the birthplace of the legendary Becherovka herbal liqueur. It is where a unique recipe was created - and it remained a well-kept secret even to this day. The liqueur's history, which began in 1807, beholds many interesting moments, facts and strong human stories. To retell it all and allow people to actually experience its unique taste and production, a visitor's center has been established in the heart of the city.

Cocoon's task was to introduce an attractive and up-to-date name and identity for presenting the visitor's center to the public in a way that would be consistent with the redesigned identity of the Becherovka brand. The final selected name is simple and to the point, yet emotional and easy to understand for any visitor from around the globe. Next, we needed a main theme. The inspiration was clear - the house itself. The actual house where Becherovka was produced for more than 150 years is what we actually want visitors to look for when wandering around the city or the Czech country.

We created a logo based on a fine line illustration of the house. The typography is simple and easy to read. Traditional, yet minimal. The colors of the whole identity are fully aligned with the core VBIs of Becherovka. The "package" then grew into a variety of elements and applications. Iconography, layouts and key visuals, banners and formats for digital use were all designed to ensure consistent communication of The Home of Becherovka in a multichannel. 

But the HoB (as we call it) is a real place! So our identity was also created to involve applications included in the museum, interior elements, the bar (designated for tastings and events), the souvenir shop, café and everything else which would help make the consumer experience really unique and complete! And our favorite part? The stained-glass window detail now helps the experience center attract even more attention from the outside!

So whenever you are around, come stop by. Experience The Home of Becherovka. Taste and smell the herbal treasure of traditional Czech production. Get dragged into the rich history of this brand. And take away more than just memories and a bottle or two - all wrapped up in our crafted identity. And make yourself at home... at Becherovka!

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