The Brick: the Multimedia Storytelling of Staropramen

Excellent beer produced by Staropramen brewery has by now become famous both in the Czech Republic and globally. Last year, the brewery celebrated its 150th anniversary. This event was a subject to a thorough preparation; it has given birth to many interesting and original projects, one of which we are now happily presenting to you - the Staropramen Multimedia Book. Or, as we call it, The Brick.

Our task was to create a premium and unique interactive piece that would combine printed and digital storytelling in order to inspire and reward people related to the brand and valued within it, on the international level. The content had to embrace both history and brand information related to Staropramen. We had to apply our skills on multiple levels working with physical objects, printed materials, and the digital tablet, video-making, all of which were custom-made, designed and programmed exclusively for the creation of the Multimedia Book.

At the start and heart of the creative ideation was  “weaving a red thread” between two different mediums - print and digital media – while wrapping all in the context of Staropramen story. Our main source of inspiration was the brewery, situated in the Prague Smíchov area. This came hand in hand with the fact that our topic was building a brand – back then, today and in the future. Building and architecture became our connecting theme, the thread.

The outer case is the basis of all – inspired by the first brewery brick laid thanks to the stakeholders exactly 150 years ago. When the soft magnetic opening invites you inside, you discover all the materials embedded in dark green velvet, which underlines the premium feel of this anniversary object. You can then take a tour around the brewery in booklets and separate cards (all placed inside an architectural folder) and a tablet filled with exclusive content. Stretching the connection further, we fused the architectural drawings, sketches, notes and blueprints with the elements of editorial design, as well as with illustrations, app programming, video postproduction, copywriting, UX/UI, and more. 

We accepted the given challenge with higher ambition than originally expected. The process of production required weeks of testing of the materials in order to achieve the best result in terms of weight and endurance balance. Just as the Staropramen beer masters carefully craft their beer, the designers of Cocoon also had to master the craft of precision in this project. As a result, the unity was achieved focusing on the user experience level – the removable sleeve for the first interaction, the magnetic opening of the brick, the extractable printed materials, and the interactive app enrich the unique feeling of operating the Multimedia Book.

The mentioned video content of the Multimedia Book opens a separate chapter of production. For this very special occasion, and online campaign in later use, we created not only motion graphics content but most importantly, 7 unique videos telling the history of Staropramen by using high-end 3D animations of authentic photographs. These films deserve a separate story to be told. So stay tuned.

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