Revolving around the Sun

Skinexpert by Dr. Max® is an exclusive private label of the Czech pharmacy chain Dr. Max. Historically, Cocoon has been a proud part of the whole brand development: from naming to brand identity, packaging and e-comm content. The Skinexpert by Dr. Max® portfolio contains several ranges of high-quality cosmetics, addressing different customer needs. The protective sun care range was one of the first and it was launched under a sunny name Skinexpert by Dr. Max® Solar.

The design of Solar is simple and comprehensible yet pampered to the detail. Everything revolves around the sun device, placed in the center of the packs. It naturally defines the sun care category. It creates a visually consistent bull's eye effect to direct consumers to the brand within the cluttered shelf. Also, it holds the information that consumers look for the most – the UV factor level – making their purchase experience even more convenient. 

Within the range, we needed to differentiate several products and their variations. The core family uses orange color coding. A separate line for kids was designed with added white, and it also involves a playful character of a dolphin, giving it a sweet touch and becoming more lovable for the smallest sunbathers. And finally, the after-sun range is designed in sky blue to bring in another summer-inspired color, implying the soothing and hydrating effect of the products.

The simplicity of this design is perfectly balanced with the quality of the printing. Both tubes and outer boxes use satin matt effect, pleasant to the touch. Partial varnishing adds a tactile feeling and underlines the quality appeal. The Skinexpert by Dr. Max® logo uses golden hot stamping for a premium perfect touch, and so does the banner with the key ingredient "golden seaweed".

As mentioned, Solar was one of the first members of the Skinexpert by Dr. Max® brand family. This continues to grow, covering different kinds of skincare desires of Dr. Max shoppers. Now, stay tuned to see some more designs soon!

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