The Story of Prague’s Golden Brew

Sometimes it is only fair to judge the book by its cover, especially in cases when the cover and the content go hand in hand. You are about to hear a story of such a book. The Book of Staropramen Beer.

As the tradition goes, we will start from the beginning – from history. The creation of the Staropramen Book coincided with a very special occasion – the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Staropramen brewery that extended to a global level. Within this unique context, the Book was to play a very important role – it had to spread the word around the world to celebrate the Staropramen brand and its story with the people related to the brand outside its home country, the Czech Republic. At the same time, it had to convey the golden spirit of its native city - Prague. And it was our task to tell this story - to create a Book, in which the design and the content would be in perfect harmony with one another, as well as with the style of Staropramen.

We aimed at capturing the spirit of Staropramen on paper, making the unique visual language of the brand come alive. The masterpiece of the brand laid out in the noble compact size was expressed through delicate and intricate details: rich green color in soft tangible material, a touch of red and gold, underprint, partial varnishing, hand-written notes, hot foiling and embossing on the spine and the cover. The hard case – a veil concealing the treasure, was added making the moment of revealing and opening the book even more special. 

Let us now walk you through the pages. The book is divided into several parts. The first part deals with the history of the brewery. To tell its story, we dug into the archives, searching for the photographs and artifacts. To create the second part, we took a trip to the Staropramen brewery to discover the secret of the true gold – the beer, learning about the brewing process, the ingredients and unique recipes not only of the iconic lager but other famous brands of Staropramen, such as Granát and Jedenáctka. The last but not the least important chapter is dedicated to the brand of Staropramen and the ways in which it is communicated, built, and perceived by the public. As an outcome of our gained knowledge, we wrote the content of the Book employing our copywriting skills and the findings of our thorough research.  

To express the authenticity of the devoted spirit of the brewery and the people working there, we organized an extensive photoshoot. The images of the brewery and the portraits of its personas can now be seen on the pages of the book. 

Staropramen’s remarkable history as well as its present development are worth knowing and remembering – and crafting a book is one of the best ways of commemoration. We thus invite you to become a part of a story – one of a unique brand told in our own words. Don’t stand at the threshold. Just open the cover and turn the page.

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