MIWA Identity: Speaking in Pure Language

The year 2015 marks a moment of an important strategic decision for Cocoon – we decided that we are ready to develop our own start-ups and help others to build theirs. Petr Báča, the founder of Cocoon, initiated an idea for responsible shopping – this is how MIWA (standing for MIninmum WAste) brand was born. Since then, Cocoon has been closely involved in the development of this project and the creation of its brand identity and communication design. Now, MIWA is a self-sustaining company that runs the innovation with the help of 15 people.


To describe the concept in simple words, MIWA is a shopping experience eliminating packaging. It is, however, much more technology-driven, simpler and quicker in comparison with regular bulk shopping. MIWA capsule is delivered from the producer to the retailer and installed in the MIWA modular shelf  Shoppers can access the food with the smart MIWA cup, purchase it in the precisely desired quantity, and pay directly through an app.   

According to the experts from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, this shopping experience reduces the overall negative environmental impact by up to 71% compared to the traditional food distribution in disposable packaging, which is an impressive result! Namely this outstanding achievement dictated us the insight for the identity of the brand. 


MIWA allows shoppers to buy as much as they need. In the conventional shopping process, one has to buy only particular food amounts, which leaves a lot of material to be trashed or recycled. “Buy food, not packaging” motto expressed in the form of pillars became the main logotype driver.


... became our key word when working on the communication materials. The communication idea “MIWA enables you to have the great feeling of Pure Life” became an inspiration for the purified, cleaned out visual language.


We got used to beautiful brand books. But how about the implementation in real life?

We chose to aim for the purity of the product by using natural materials and seeking environmentally-friendly design solutions. No unnecessary decorations were used, with the emphasis being on functionality and simplicity.  See and experience it yourself!

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