Miller "Golden" Draft

We are proud to introduce a special edition of Miller Genuine Draft, designed for the Russian market to build on the brand‘s great tradition of creating unique collectables. MGD is a premium beer, famous all around the world for its golden color and contrasting black & red logo. Gold, black, the unique logoblock and the iconic M letter were mixed with a theme connected with MGD - music - in a visually unique way.

The different patterns represent different musical styles and tastes. They are composed in a playful yet elegant way on the body of the can. Together creating the capital script brand M-letter in the background, placed behind the logoblock. 

A sweet addition to this premium, elegant & modern look of the can is the connectivity on the shelf. When placed next to each other, the capital M is more clear and defined. 

The ambition with this can was to create a golden edition, which will attract on the shelf and please the consumers with - even visually - an exceptional smoothness of MGD. We spotted its success off the shelves very quickly. The can went to ebay auctions immediately after the launch!

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