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We ask, study, think, design and then we make. We don’t design beautiful things just for the sake of it: we focus on solving problems.

We are fans of the 'design thinking’ approach and we love to apply it to our clients’ projects. More than anything, we love DESIGN SPRINTS. This method was originally invented by Jake Knapp of Google and is used by companies around the globe including Uber, Facebook, Lufthansa, Red Bull, and Lego, to name just a few.

A ‘design sprint’ is a step-by-step process that can save you months of work by squeezing the amount of effort into a constrained timeframe. With a Cocoon Design Sprint, we’ll work through your design challenge together and help you effectively prototype, validate, and test your ideas in just 4 days!

Projects which use design thinking systems are usually followed by brand strategy and design development activities, creating a truly unique proposition on the market, which helps to yield synergies and save on time and costs, resulting in an overall better outcome.

Let’s Co-Sprint!


Below are some of the finished projects we are able to share with you. Stay tuned for more!


The MInimum WAste concept represents a real revolution across the entire retail ecosystem. It’s a unique technology designed to help producers, retailers, and households prevent the creation of waste. And it is one of the long-term projects we are most proud of at Cocoon.
We were involved from when the innovation idea was born, assisting with the concept development, building strategy, sketching and prototyping. We also created the brand identity. As everyone strives to make packaging-free shopping comfortable, this system using refillable capsules equipped with smart technology is the first real market implementation and we can’t wait to see it in action.



We helped guys from the early-staged startup to review the product and as a part of incubation process (by ICIA) validate and test market fit. In one week long Design Sprint concrete recommendations and action points were articulated so they have a clear roadmap of next steps to further develop their idea.


Lemond Frozen

We helped Pernod-Ricard Czech Republic develop an innovative and fun way of enjoying the frozen liqueur by Becherovka Lemond. The main objective was to project a more attractive and trendy brand image, and strengthen the relevance of the brand to young adult consumers. We came up with the concept “Cool down your day - Light up your night!”, which we brought to life in the form of a cup wrapped in insulating material to keep cool temperatures with a stirrer and a straw, served inside an igloo-shaped tent full of bar stations and slushy-makers. The client effectively realised 9 promotions in summer outlets and party zones at two open-air festivals that boast more than 30,000 visitors. These promotions drew totally positive feedback from the target audience.


Jablocom Raven

We designed and materialized the idea of an Android-based desktop smartphone, designed for office use by the innovative Czech technology company Jablocom (now known as Noabe). We also developed all of the packaging solutions and brand identity.


Granko Packaging

Our challenge was to seek incremental innovation ideas for the popular Czech instant cacao brand, including how it is packed, served and stored. We implemented unique gaming principles to engage the end consumers in the co-creation process. This allowed us to get from the insights stage to successfully creating fully-developed solutions within a single afternoon session, including fully-sketched prototypes thanks to our team of participating designers.


Petra activation

Petra, the Czech tobacco brand from the Philip Morris portfolio, offered Cocoon the opportunity to create and lead a multiphase innovation process for the first time. All key actors (management, marketing, sales, operations, agencies, and consumers) participated in generating as many as possible feasible ideas for product and and communications that could take Petra’s brand essence further. The extensive two-day "experts' workshop" facilitated by Cocoon resulted in dozens of possible innovations that were evaluated and organized into a summarized Petra Brand Activation document. The most promising ideas were then validated.


Orion for kids

We were tasked with challenge to communicate this unique chocolate product by Orion – a Czech brand owned by Nestlé – to a target demographic of kids aged 6-8 years old. We came up with the idea to extend the brand experience into the adventurous world of a fantastical 'Orion town’. Our work comprised the product concept development, feasibility analysis, and brand storytelling.


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