Intellectual Capital Investors Association

ICIA is an association of individuals with a strong know-how and extensive business experience. ICIA stands for a new model of commercial relationship. At a time when money is losing in value, it brings a new currency – intellectual capital. Cocoon is a member of ICIA and the creator of its corporate identity.

The starting point for our design strategy was to determine the archetypal role of the brand and its key attributes: focus on vision and endeavour to bring dreams into life; transformative power, in terms of changing the nature of business; innovative, unorthodox approach; strong individual know-how; the intangible nature of knowledge and experience as a major asset.
The brand identity builds on two main themes. The visuals of pigments infusing in transparent liquid present ICIA as a business catalyst, as a "magical" substance transforming the nature of the project. Those are intended primarily for digital communication. Simple, yet elegant typography – ITC New Baskerville for headlines and Avert for body copy – and clean design of business cards and other corporate materials represent the strength of intellect and attachment to reality.
Subsequently, we designed all ICIA materials and created the whole website presentation.


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