Hidden Archives of Staropramen

Special anniversaries are the best moments for some good nostalgia. For looking back, remembering, and being carried away by the magic of the past times, which have made history truly great. Come with us on this journey and experience the moments of Staropramen history as if you were part of it. Open the album of Hidden Archives and admire the beauty of the authentic time witnesses coming to life thanks to the magic of the 21st-century technology.

There are hundreds and hundreds of historical photographs gathered in the archives. We started with researching, reviewing, studying, and arranging all of them. We also gathered other materials from the history of this legendary Prague beer, such as old labels. Then, in order to narrate our message, we wrote the actual scripts dedicated to the moments in history, which helped form the Staropramen brewery in time. After that, we constructed the storyboards using images that illustrate these moments best. Sounds simpler than it was! The barrier to overcome was that not all images were available in high-resolution quality or that the available usage rights did not correspond with the purpose we intended. What was this purpose? To animate the photographs and make them literally come alive.

No step was easy in this project. The animation phase, handled by Silencio VFX studio, took months of precise work. All images were digitally „deconstructed“ and wire-framed, 3D models were created, extra footage had to be filmed on green-screen, and a lot of rendering, crafting, perfecting, and tuning happened to make every image move and breathe with the authentic atmosphere of the times when it was taken.

Short formats of all the exceptional “Hidden Archives” Stories were created mainly for on-line sharing in social media. The sound, music voice over, copywriting, the visually strong and brand-tailored look and feel… all this happened by design. Every single detail in the films works in beautiful synergy to fulfil its noble mission: to tell a special story of an exceptional beer in a powerful and engaging way. Enjoy this journey designed by Cocoon.

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