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In the bubbly world of soft drinks, staying fresh and appealing is no easy feat. Sky cola is a popular soda brand, iconic for the Croatian market because of its heritage and proud local significance (the Croats like to fondly call it “naša kola”, our cola). It recently embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its identity, aiming to resonate more powerfully with its target audience. 

We kicked off our redesign with a fresh logo. At its heart is a star – but not just any star. This one's special to our story. Before, the brand was missing the star’s bigger purpose, so we've given it a new role, transforming it into the 'K' of our logo. It's a smart twist that makes the design unmistakably ours and brings the Sky and the star together in a clever way.

But the transformation didn't stop at the logo. The overall style of the design underwent a significant shift, aligning with the modern times, for authenticity and a 'no-nonsense' approach. This target audience values minimalism and unpretentiousness, so the design was stripped back to its essence – clean, crisp, yet understated.

Fonts and colours were also carefully tweaked for all SKUs – the classic Sky cola, Sky cola Zero, the sugar-free version, and then the flavoured zesty variants Sky Orange and Sky Lemon. While the need to appear modern was crucial, it was equally important to remain recognizable within the cola category and keep the continuity with the original designs. The result was a palette and typography that felt both fresh and familiar, a delicate balance that paid homage to Sky cola's heritage while nudging it into the future.

Sky cola's transformation was not just about changing a logo or tweaking some colours. It was about capturing the essence of what makes a brand not just seen but felt. It's a reminder that in the fast-paced world of consumer goods, sometimes simplifying things helps you realize your true, high-quality nature.

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