Great sleep is the no. 1 thing!

It would not be completely honest to say that there were only restful nights on this project. The size of it was huge and it kept us really busy for many days (or months, actually). But the reward was as sweet as the dreams of a good night’s sleep. See our work on the Italian-market launch of ZZZ Quil Natura. Full-scope in-store visibility, creative, standard, and non-standard POS materials, key visual, big photoshoot, visualizations, video... A launch so successful that the new product became #1 after 3 weeks of activation and contributed to 3-times sleep-category growth in Italy (source IQVIA October 2019).

Procter and Gamble decided to launch this sleeping aid product in mid-2019. It is innovative from many perspectives as it is setting standards in the whole category. It is based on natural ingredients like lavender, chamomile, valerian, and melatonin. It comes in a gummy, taste-appealing form. And it is targeting precisely those, who suffer from sleeping problems caused by stressful and fast-paced lives. 

The key to the product’s success was the visibility in the pharmacy environment. The strategy was to help break the psychological barrier that arises when the topic of seeking the sleeping aids comes up (many of us consider sleeping disorders as a problem that can only be treated by medical treatment).

Our task began with the development of a key visual, which would communicate the ideas of good sleep and the naturalness, and at the same time highlight the unusual gummy form. We oriented on a U.S. visual and enriched it with new elements. A pillow with a „candy“ on it, all framed by flowers, became the main asset of the designs to follow. The powerful purple inspired by the lavender ingredient is the product’s strength. It is unique and more taste-appealing than what is often expected within the category. On the materials, it is combined with clean, natural, bed-sheet white.

ZZZ Quil Natura had to own the purple and its unique brand assets. The gummy visualization was our favourite treat. From a large number of proposals, various units for pharmacy visibility were selected, designed, visualized, constructed, and helped to be produced: on the shelf, on the counter, and in free-standing formats; all offering smart flexibility, and variability in folding, sizing and placement. We designed give-aways and sales presenter as well. The new product and its features were introduced in an in-house created video for pharmacists and the sales force.  

The photoshoot could only be as big as the project itself. See our behind-the-scenes video to get the mood. A 2-day intensive shoot realised with our favourite 4D Photo resulted in almost 25 images and several short gifs for the on-line usage. People, as well as the product with its assets posed in front of Standa Merhout’s camera.

The success of the launch campaign is of course due to the great combination of all the channels used - communication and sales, and due to the greatness of the product itself. But we are happy that we had a chance to contribute to it with holistic work. And it surely is not only a dream to be wakened up from! 

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