Nature: Action!

At Cocoon, we don’t leave things to chance. They happen by design. Well, one exception was recently allowed. We decided that for creating a truly original and unique film for the Unfiltered Becherovka, we will let some spontaneity, imperfection, and naturalness take care of the design. How?

We pre-designed a fully natural set. We seeded hundreds of plants and let them demonstrate their beauty in the most natural way. Around the product of wild herbal character, nature performed its magic. For several weeks 8 cameras have been capturing this process frame by frame in time-lapse videos. Gathering the material in cooperation with Mirage VFX studio involved the work of profound specialists and it had obstacles to overcome: watering the plants, choosing the right ones to grow fast yet be aesthetically interesting, simulating night and day for the natural life cycle… So before this part of the production could begin, weeks of testing were taken.

It worked. More than an hour of amazing time-lapse shots were gathered. And we had to pick the perfect few seconds of them. One day of the intensive shoot took care of telling the full story – we exposed the studio in which the natural set was placed, designing and fine-tuning every detail of how we present the bottle and the actual herbal liqueur.

Minimum postproduction was applied. Nature was our actor, director, and visual artist. But there is more than a picture that allows space for the perfect design. The sound design consists of two parts. The effects were recorded with real natural objects in Cinq studio. As for the music, we invited Prague Cello Quartet to create and perform a tailor-made piece, dramatizing the pinch of rebellion in this new product.

If you have a daring soul, like Becherovka Unfiltered, you must dare to create your launch advertising more wildly. Taking that little risk and letting nature be in charge was worth it. The video is now out on digital channels. Multiple edits have been created for different media use. All the work done comes together on a microsite, to which the visual identity created by Cocoon was applied. Watch our film, which tells the whole story of making.

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