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Rajec is a famous brand of spring water, originating in Rajecká dolina, one of the most pristine natural areas of Slovakia. Earlier in 2023, it introduced its sub-range, an innovation for the shelves called Rajec Čaj Ľadová bylinka (Rajec Tea Icy Herb). The task for Cocoon’s designers was to create a label design that would be as natural and light as this delicious beverage.

Rajec has always been a synonym for the harmony between people and the nature in the purest form, and just like with water, Rajec wanted to preserve this fusion with its teas. Rajec Tea Icy Herb is no ordinary tea, though, it’s still natural water, with the main ingredients being locally relevant herbs, and green and black tea. No preservatives are added - what you get instead is the pure taste of nature which makes it a unique product on the market. And since the herbs are really the main stars of this drink, we also put them in the spotlight of our design.

Keeping the original Rajec logo, we added the herbs and made sure they are really visible on the pack, adding on to the colourful accent. The three SKUs have three logo colour variants, navigating the flavours – green for mint, orange for calendula, and red for sea buckthorn. To enhance the fresh taste, we mixed in a lot of green and added the frosty pattern dominating the background of the label. As a lovely touch, you can notice a tea leaf forming the hook over the letter “C” in Čaj, following up on the letters “R” and “A”.

What is significant for all the Rajec label designs is the Kľak - a hill overseeing the Rajecká valley. This is an iconic asset placed in the bottom part of the label, which always flexibly reflects the theme of the given range. In our case, we naturally created it from herbs. In its original shape and detailed with leaves and herbs, the hill still adds on the authenticity of the landscape and enhances the brand's dedication to harmonizing nature and freshness.

When creating our packaging design for Rajec Tea Icy Herb, we kept it simple, premium, and appealing. And when you look closely at the label, you will see a story, an inviting gateway to Rajecká Dolina, a place where nature resonates with the vivacity of authentic herbs, noble teas, and the crispy fresh water.

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