A peek into honest distilling

In the south of the Czech Republic, there's magic happening in the Václav Šitner distillery. Here, fruit spirits aren't just made, they're crafted with the utmost expertise and an honest approach. At Cocoon, we’re buzzing with excitement - we got to wrap our design around packaging for a premium range of spirits, distilled by the family of Mr. Šitner and the Master Distiller himself.

Working with alcohol brands is our kind of party, and Šitner distillery's project was like being handed the front row seats. Mr. Šitner, a living legend in the Czech distilling world, brings more than just his expertise - he is the brand. His name graces the logo, styled like a classy signature stamp.

If we were to sum up Šitner distillery in three words, we’d go with family, tradition, and quality. This is a business which always chooses honest production over shortcuts and takes pride in that philosophy. We kicked off our creative process with a workshop where we got our heads together, tuned into the brand's strategy, and came up with just the right name that felt like a natural fit. We wanted to express the invaluable human input and the precision reflected in every step of the process. With Mr. Šitner and his daughters at the wheel, they're making spirits but not only that, they're bottling excellence. Our task at Cocoon was to tell this tale through our design, turning each bottle into a storybook of their craft.

The label design is a peek into the distillery's soul, showing the journey from hand-picking fruits to the master distiller's approving nod, all under the watchful eye of the family's beloved dog. It's like a movie reel of distillery life, right on the bottle for everyone to see.

Šitner's fruit distillates charm both the young and the young at heart. Our design reflects tradition and modernity, always leaving an impression of the premium. The labels' matte soft touch base creates a natural contrast for the vivid neon secondary colour, while the metallic and 3D varnish brings a more contemporary and tactile feeling. Each variant of the clear spirit (you can pick from six) stands out, designed to be well visible on crowded bar shelves.

If you’re looking for a hearty drink that smells and tastes like real fruit, one that will make you feel like an expert indulging in premium quality, treat yourself to a Šitner. Trust us, sipping it while exploring our label design is half the fun. Cheers to collaborations that spark joy and creativity!

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