Let's just say, our last creative breakfast definitely perked up the Cocoonians. Picture it, a typical sleepy cold November morning, and then we were passing around a series of sex toys designed by Anna Marešová from her company

Anna Marešová had a very ambitious dream. To make functional erotic products, elegantly designed and is actually beneficial for womens' health. And thus Anna was thrusted into the sex toy production rollercoaster of her life. No investors. No marketing support. Just Anna thinking,”!”

But determination and passion took over. With much blood, sweat and tears, Anna brought the first product to life: The Venus Balls. One of many low budget and locally produced erotic products that she plans to produce annually.

“Without investors, it was more difficult, of course. But there was more adrenalin. You progress step by step, but even a small step makes you incredibly happy,” says Anna.

Her goal was to find a border between erotica and keeping the body healthy. Making something beautiful and practical that will attract even the modest of women. Those first time toy users. 

The sustainable material used and sustainability of the product was equally as important during production. In order to have more control over the whole process and personally keep an eye on everything, Anna decided to have all production and manufacturing issued through the Czech Republic. The end result is a seamless product that shows the love put into it. From design and functionality, this is the iPhone of erotic toys.

Even though the road was treacherous, Anna says: "There have been so many times when I thought that it was not possible to continue. I  was losing hope. But when it finally happened and I had the final product in my hand, I could not believe it,”

Pure ecstasy… and maybe the perfect christmas gift!?

Check out more about Anna Marešová’s studio and

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