Waste, get spaced!

At Cocoon, we love projects that not only look outstanding but also represent value and importance. As a partner of MiWa, a technology focused on pre-cycling, Cocoon was invited to help with the ideation and creation of a brand that is a real space for sustainability and responsibility to the world around us. So, meet our latest design: the Minimum Waste.

There are multiple ways to describe Minimum Waste. A community spot, gallery, showroom, shop, platform, meeting point, conference room, awareness and inspirational room … none is accurate; it is all accurate! We like to call it a junction – for people, ideas, producers, designers, lifestyle, interaction and technologies, which all have the same single goal of Minimising the Waste.

The meaning of the word minimum has inspired the whole design and thinking behind this brand.

A twist on minimising the letter “I” took a main role in identity. Minimised to the maximum, leaving only the dot and applied on different materials (as well as the logo) helped to express the message of MINIMUM. ’NSPIRE, TH’NK, PR’CE – ownable keywords presented on different vector shapes became assets of identity.

Vivid blue was an obvious choice. Inspired by our planet.

The brand identity roll-out followed. Playfully communicating the identity on objects of sustainable purpose. Exploring the simple vector shapes in the blue colour and the playful “dot instead of the I” typography.

Our team had a hand in the final look of the actual space, too. Multiple unique installations have been created, blending in with the overall interior concept. Using the brand identity and original infographics to communicate the topic, facts and figures. And to showcase the ideas and new technologies linked to waste prevention. Starting with the MiWa technology, presented proudly within the Minimum Waste.

Last but not least, Minimum Waste goes beyond a physical junction. A web page, including a blog, was designed by Cocoon to create an extra community environment for sharing inspiration, spreading the word and inviting people to make the world of waste prevention spin faster.

You are also welcome to visit the Minimum Waste! Either on the corner of Petrské náměstí in Prague 1 or the one at


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