World-Class Staropramen

Staropramen is one of the best-selling brands of Czech beer in the world, with a rich history since 1869. The brand strategy for international markets is different from the Czech approach, which is evident from the visual identity.

The aim of the redesign, comprising all the flavour extensions, the packaging format and promotional items, was to accentuate the premium character of the product and make the brand more attractive to a wider and younger target group. 
In our solution, we tried to find balance between the brewing tradition and a modern, confident visual expression. Besides the logo and the “S” icon, a characteristic symbol of the brand is the accentuated golden outline of the Prague Castle, a distinctive element reinforcing the link to Prague as its place of origin. The specific shape of the label is supported by subtle waves, representing the river Vltava, repeated as embossing on a completely new bottle designed by our hard-working product designers.

Cocoon Staropramen Lager

Cocoon Staropramen DesignStaropramen Lager Cocoon

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Let’s Co-innovate! Let’s Co-innovate!

Let’s Co-innovate!

We ask, study, think, design and then we make. We don’t design beautiful things just for the sake of it: we focus on solving problems.

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