A Glass of Saint Spring

Bottled water gets its own seat at the dinner table.

Russia’s leading brand for bottled water received a new image to match its quality. Saint Spring had a strong hold on the market, but wanted to extend their reach to the upscale dining experience. With an unbeatable price, they deserved an unbeatable look.

Client IDS Borjomi requested an updated glass bottle shape and label design that stood out from the regular PET bottles found on store shelves. For several years, their target market has been urban mothers who strive to take care of both their loved ones and themselves. Saint Spring hoped to gain an exquisite, sophisticated appearance that elevated them to a luxury item.

We created seven different bottle concepts for the client, all of which have a smooth shape and mature color scheme. The client chose a modest, curved bottle shape and made some adjustments to the label and embossing. We successfully maintained the brand values while adding something fresh to Saint Spring’s identity. Now, consumers can find their glass bottled water on the menus of some of their favorite restaurants.


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