Reuniting & Redesigning Odkolek

Our world just wouldn’t be complete without bread.

For centuries, bakeries have existed all over the world to meet our demand for this simple, yet quality food. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be good. Because after all, there is no bread like bread.

ODKOLEK, one of the oldest Czech bakeries, approached us at Cocoon wanting a long-term strategy for brand communication. Currently owned by United Bakeries, it is experiencing a rebirth as an umbrella brand with the greatest potential to compete on the market. Therefore, ODKOLEK needed to update their visual identity without sacrificing their heritage.

In order to keep this balance of the past and present, we kept the timeless ODKOLEK logo, but simplified the typography. Historical photographs illustrating the brand’s roots depict scenes from František Odkolek’s original bakeries. To avoid looking outdated, we treated these with contemporary filters. We created the claim, “There is no bread like bread”, and the project expanded to include a complete redesign of their portfolio.

ODKOLEK is not just limited to bread. Their brand includes a vast array of baked products that require a different visual communication while still staying consistent with the overarching identity. We produced etiquettes for these products that highlight their ingredients and flavors while maintaining the logo and historical photograph.

Currently available on the market, ODKOLEK’s redesign keeps the significance of bakeries alive in modern families. Bread has been a part of our lives for centuries, and ODKOLEK appreciates their role surrounding this unassuming food. With the new packaging designs, consumers feel that appreciation with every slice.


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