Mazagrande Fuels Your Curiosity

You take your coffee with milk and sugar, so why not lemonade? This is the question that Tchibo Coffee answers with their newest product, Mazagrande.

The challenge for us was to design a label that not only stood out on shelves, but communicated the drink’s unexpected taste. We aimed to create the best visual language for a target audience that enjoys life’s curiosities. As of May 2017, Mazagrande is officially launched in the Czech Republic.

We went with a photorealistic label to match the drink’s surprising citrus and espresso flavor combinations. Its launch was supported by a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled TV campaign by Kaspen/Jung von Matt that appeals to the explorer in all of us. (You can check it out below.) Collaborating with this agency allowed us to design a package that excites even before the first sip. 

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