Jar and Fairy – a Multicultural Challenge

Procter & Gamble made significant improvements to its dish detergent (smaller volume, more washing power) and planned to introduce it into the market in several different regions – Central and Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Our task was to revamp key parts of the identity and packaging design, so that they go well with the new bottle, convey the benefits of the new formula convincingly and maintain a consistent visual presentation of the brand in all markets. At the same time, it was important to facilitate orientation in the four product ranges and also in the various product types, while maintaining the block effect on shelves. The biggest challenge was to create a look for the visual elements that would fit all cultural specifics of the different regions in order to convey the same information to consumers from all the countries in question. The product hit the shelves in countries including Poland, Balkans, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and more.


tags: Redesign packaging design

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