Ode to Borsodi

It is always a great pleasure to receive challenges of this kind. To take the best there is in the existing design and explore, explore, explore... To find an even stronger, more contemporary and impressive look that will elevate the brand to a new level. To catch attention of the customers‘ eyes and their minds.

With Borsodi, we had a solid basis to build on: the shield, the horse, the color palete were all there. Yet, the rest was open for us to imagine and work on. The new design had to be not only visually winning. It also had to match the positioning of a great taste experience that brings simple, manly joys to life and evokes positive fresh life attitude – the values embodied by Borsodi.

The new design shows the visible shift towards a simple, more modern, and fresh identity. Bold brand block forms the basis. We used simplified shapes, friendly curve on top and striking contemporary font on the wordmark. We improved the colours - the core green is deepened into a more elegant yet modern tone. The golden emblem of the horse is portrayed in a free and straightforward manner, while it is still kept inside its iconic shield.

Re-designing Borsodi, we went near and far, digging into the packaging design (cans, bottles, secondary packaging for both core and extensions like Bivaly and Mester), shaping the brand‘s POS identity (bar umbrellas, coasters, beer taps), and touching upon its corporate ID (applying it on business cards, official documents, merchandise). And, of course, preparing the full guidelines for the whole brand. 

The result of this creative activity is out now – and we are proud to share it with you.

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