Borsodi Nitro

Craft beers have become quite a trend with younger demographics wanting a different experience.

Hungarian beer label Borsodi wanted to bring interest and innovation to its own core brand by launching a new premium nitrogen beer, Borsodi Nitro. Our task was to create a visual identity to be applied on the trade environment. This included a premium SKU for the beer that gave it a unique appeal and resulted in a wide range of touchpoints like menus, bar mats, trays and even bar equipment.

For this product extension, it was all in the name. We were invited to explore the many possibilities for names and titles of the graphical presentation. Our final direction was in creating a “perfect storm” for Borsodi. We focused on the swirling nitrogen tornado inside every glass of Borsodi Nitro and used that as our reference point for the whole project.

The final outcome was an identity that shows a premium, intriguing, high-quality product that is still closely connected with the core of the Borsodi brand.


tags: Branding communication beer design

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