We held a workshop at the international forum of sustainable business 2016.  The Forum was organized by platform Business for society, our client whom we cooperate with on several projects.

The topic: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR should be the catalyst for all business strategies with full employee and management involvement. Considering all needs and interests of the targeted communities. The key to business success.

Jiří Votruba on responsible branding

Jiří Votruba, our managing partner at Cocoon, highlighted the importance of finding and maintaining business identity. This can be the lead on how to positively influence brand strategy and lead that way for a secure CSR.

“People want transparent companies with responsibility in their DNA. CSR must be a part of business strategy. It needs to be relevant, original and in compliance with the brand. The right brand is when the essence of the brand reflects good activities. Furthermore, the brand tells about how to change the world, not its business, “ explains Jiří showing some concrete examples from Always, when the company empowered girls during puberty when confidence is at its lowest.

Jakub Plášek – CSR + Brand DNA

Jakub Plášek, strategic planner of Cocoon, then shared his tips and tricks on how to acquire CSR and implement it into the DNA of a brand.

“It’s crucial to understand the meaning of the brand and the group you are talking to. There are many options how to get that information – marketing research, strategic workshops.”

“We often use visual metaphors that help us with defining values and meanings of a brand. It’s about creating a shortcut to subconscious that makes it easier to understand the hidden meanings of a brand.”

His examples: Nadace via, a respected Czech NGO.

Jakub then discussed that focus on brand archetypes and its universe of roles.

“They represent the deep need of target groups. Helping us to differentiate from concurrence, determine the role of the brand and the relationship towards consumers. They help to shape the brand and set the tonality of communication.”

Zuzana Keményová - Tips for practice

Zuzana Keményová from Economia, a media house, presented some tips how to write press releases that grab journalist’s attention. “Give it your best on subject of your mail. Don’t put things like Press release or Dear Mr./Mrs. Otherwise your mail will end up in bin or spam,” notices Zuzana.

“Some people send me a press release ready for printing in newspapers. They think it would be easier for me and thanks to that I will chose their press release over others. But it does not work this way. We are forbidden from posting anything that has not been verified first. At least we must speak to them on the  phone,” tells Zuzana.

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