Dutch Design Week has a reputation for being the cherry on the cake. We love sweets, so you could find us in Eindhoven getting a taste of the finest Dutch Design. In just 3 days (October 2016) we experienced one of the biggest design events in Western Europe – 2500 designers, almost 300,000 visitors, with more than 400 exhibitions, activities and lectures.

What was talked about?

This year’s main topic was "The Making Of". Organisers highlighted the entire making process, paying homage to those who create something meaningful, and oppose idea thievery. 

From the second we landed, every step, corner and stop we made was enriched with inspiring design.

Our adventures?

Our first evening started at Altstadt pub where we drank and rocked out to the local bands: Island and Indian Askin

The following day we headed to Strijp-S, a former industrial estate for Philips electronics. Most of the exhibitions were concentrated in the well known Klokgebouw building where Dutch and foreign designers showed their most recent work in the field of product design, industrial, graphic, conceptual design, digital, social design and experiments across sectors. We admired projects like Body Chair or Timeless Design

The main attraction of the festival is the Dutch Design Awards. This year finalists celebrated innovative approaches in categories such as communication, technology, recycling or space design. Here are the hightlights - Frank KolkmanJan Hoek or Jan Willem Petersen.

Inspired and hyped up about the latest design works, we all worked up an appetite and ended up indulging on some incredible Dutch dishes and beers. How could we not?!

Saturday was dedicated to the Design Academy where local graduate students exhibited their pieces, mainly based of innovation, technology and recycling, yet keeping true to their traditions. We were amazed by Tulip Vase from Jing He, Guide to Satellite Surveillance from Anastasia Kubrak or Forest Wool from Tamara Orjola.

Philips products were literally everywhere, as the worldwide brand was founded in Eindhoven. Philips museum was a must during our stay.


Design at its best! 

There were 80 shows featuring prominent designers within 2000 square meters. Kazerne was a "hot spot“ of Dutch Design Week where art and technology meet. 

One city filled with priceless experiences, impressions and ideas, that were truly exceptional and inspiring. One report is not enough to cover all that we loved, so stay tuned and keep a lookout for upcoming write-ups featuring our highlights from DDW 2016. We’ll give it you, sip by sip.

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